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    High voltage shunt reactor

    Product Profile:

    Shunt reactor is mainly connected with shunt capacitor in parallel, which can adjust the operation voltage by adjusting the number of shunt reactors.The ultra high voltage shunt reactor has many functions to improve the reactive power operation of the power system:(1) the capacitive effect on the light load or light load lines to reduce the power frequency transient overvoltage.(2) improve the voltage distribution of long distance transmission line.(3) the reactive power of the line in the light load can be balanced on the spot as possible as possible to prevent the unreasonable flow of reactive power and also to reduce the power loss on the line.(4) to prevent the self excitation resonance generator with long lines possible.

    Product features:

    一.The iron core:

    1.The core column is vacuum-cast with epoxy resin so that the air gap between the discus is sealed by the epoxy resin and a resin layer is formed on the surface of the iron column to effectively reduce the vibration between the core cake, thus, the noise is reduced and the insulation strength between the core and coil is enhanced.

    2.Sealing F grade epoxy resin on the surface of iron core, corrosion prevention measures should be taken to avoid corrosion.


    1.The coil is a vacuum pouring coil of epoxy resin.The epoxy glass grid cloth is strengthened inside and outside the coil, and the F epoxy pouring system is used in the vacuum state.The coil not only has good insulation performance, but also has high mechanical strength, and can withstand large current shock and cold and hot impact without cracking.

    2. Epoxy casting coil does not absorb water, good moisture resistance, partial discharge volume is low, can run safely in harsh environment.

    三. Assembly:

    1.The end face of the core is made of high quality silicon steel end face glue, which makes the iron core column and the iron yoke firmly combined together, which greatly reduces the noise at the time of operation.

    2.Use advanced pre-assembly systems to detect assembly results for each component in the assembly.

    3.Advanced vibration and noise reduction structure system, including:An elastic rubber pad is arranged between the clamp part and the coil, and an elastic rubber cushion is arranged between the clamp part and the base.

    Model implication:

    High voltage shunt reactor

    Shunt reactor:

    1.Rated voltage:6kV、10kV .

    2.额 定 频  率:50Hz、60Hz

    3.Insulation grade:F

    4. Rated capacity:30KVAR~351KVAR

    5.Insulation resistance:>100MΩ 

    6. Reactor noise:<65DB 

    High voltage shunt reactor related parameters:

    High voltage shunt reactor


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