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    Energy saving transformer:

    Product Profile:

    Energy saving transformer is classified in self-coupling transformer series, mainly used for street lighting and large shopping mall circuit control, mainly to adjust the voltage percentage of the implementation of the voltage shift operation to ensure that electricity from the grid voltage floating interference, the transformer capacity is based on the load capacity and the maximum percentage of tap voltage calculation.Greatly reduce the no-load loss and material costs, compared with the same capacity of isolated transformer or self-coupling transformer, more advantages of volume and low price, and in use, the loss is lower than other transformers.In use, according to the actual voltage of the grid, the customer can change the transformer gear so as to achieve the effectiveness of the system more effectively.

    Product features:

    This kind of product is famous for its low loss and high efficiency. The insulation system is based on F and H, and can be designed according to user's requirements.Excellent electrical and mechanical properties are maintained throughout the service life of the transformer.F, H class insulation material easy to aging, resistance to shrinkage and anti compression, with strong elasticity, thus ensuring that the transformer coil after years of use remains compact, no change and the advantages of the transformer short-circuit capacity does not decrease the overall impregnation vacuum dipping paint by H bearing performance parameters, and high temperature curing.

    Performance parameter:


    2.Rated capacity:1~1000KVA

    3.Use altitude:≤2000M 

    4.Insulation grade:F. H class

    5.Connection group:Yn0 、 Y

    6.Power frequency withstand voltage:AC 3000V/50Hz/5mA/60S 

    7.Temperature rise:Iron core≤65K Wire pack temperature≤70K

    8.Operational environment:Long term work under the condition of air temperature -10~45 °, humidity <90%

    9.Product execution standards:GB10229-88, JB9644-1999 electrical transformers.

    Model implication:

    Energy saving transformer:

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