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    Three-phase isolation transform

    Product Profile:

    This type of transformer is to provide electrical isolation between the load and the power supply side, in the IT distribution system, to prevent electric shock, insulation damage to protect the connected device, can also provide a neutral point connected to form isolation or ground.Through the electrostatic shielding and enhanced insulation of the primary interstage connection, the transformer can provide isolation of sensitive loads to prevent the power system from severe atmospheric interference.

    Product features:

    The insulation system based on H and F is used to maintain excellent electrical and mechanical performance throughout the whole life of the transformer.H and F grade materials are not easy to aging, shrink resistance and compression resistance, plus elastic super strong, so it can ensure that the transformer even after using a few years, the coil is still tight structure, and can withstand short circuit pressure.The transformer is immersed in an insoluble polyester resin under vacuum pressure (VPI) and cured in thermal curing.

    Performance parameter:

    1.Voltage level:1000V below

    2.Rated capacity:0.5~1000KVA


    4.Insulation grade:F. H class

    5.Connection group:Dyn11. Yyn0. Yd11 

    6.Power frequency withstand voltage:AC 3000V/50Hz/5mA/60S 

    7.Temperature rise:Iron core≤85K Wire pack temperature≤95K

    8.Operational environment:Long term work under the condition of air temperature -10~45 °, humidity <90%

    9.Product execution standards:GB10229-88, JB9644-1999 electrical transformers

    Model implication:

    Three-phase isolation transform

    Three-phase isolation transform parameter:

    Three-phase isolation transform

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